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AZ VIETNAM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, a brand that sells genuine laptops and laptop components, has been established and put into retail operations since 2008.

Proud to be one of the leading units in the field of laptop business, laptop components in Hanoi, With over 10 years of experience, under the motto “Prestige on each product” with more than 50,000 loyal customers, We are committed that all laptop products sold are of the best quality on the market today. All laptops and components at the showroom are covered by standard warranty only according to the regulations of the manufacturers.

With a variety of laptop brands, consumers choose the most, with a variety of product models. Laptop Dell, HP, Lenovo, Thinjkpad, Asus, MSI, Acer, Macbook… Gaming Laptop, Graphics Laptop, Slim high-end business laptop, cheap office laptop, genuine laptop components…

With many years of experience in the industry along with a team of dedicated professional engineers, always strives to bring customers the best quality products, the best warranty and support, the best price. become the most suitable competition, worthy of every amount of money that customers spend.

If you are still having trouble choosing for yourself a laptop that is suitable for your needs, then go to the Showroom to experience the product and choose for yourself the most suitable products to meet your needs. use and worth the money you spend.

The current services provides:

– Wholesale and retail genuine laptops
– Wholesale and retail genuine laptop components and accessories such as RAM, Hard drive, screen, Battery, charger, keyboard…’s commitment to customers:

– Put customers at the center of all thoughts and actions, listen and understand customers.
– Only bring to customers genuine products in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards, do not sell poor quality goods, do not sell fake / imitation goods, do not sell goods of unknown origin.
– The product price is right with the quality, the most competitive price in the market.
– Committed to bringing the best policies, after-sales service before and after sales. is pleased to serve you on the way to discover technology products!